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Veteran banker and Senate Aspirant for Kogi East Senatorial District Victor Adoji Speaks


“I’ve been inundated with forwarded messages from a number of individuals/platforms in which references were made to comments intended to disparage and decline me from a perceived pole-position by a co-aspirant.”“Ordinarily, I wouldn’t spare a thought let alone a/n (in)direct response to the contents therein. However, it would serve an existential significance to attempt to address the apparent reason underpinning the motive behind obliging the information.”“Firstly, the supposed source of the information didn’t clarify his/her role in the course of the exchanges or conversions wherein the issues pertaining to me were discussed. Secondly, if his/her purpose for escalating is anything but sinister, it should have erupted at the point of the deliberations.”“By design and choice, we have committed to run issue-based consultations leading-up to an even more focused engagement with all stakeholders. We shall abhor (un)couched distractions in whatever form, shape and size: and seek opportunities for synergy even in such challenging and unfortunate situations.”“I’m out to represent my people if they so wish, and not to win an election at any cost; certainly, not at the expense of even a stain on the integrity of a fellow Igala woman.”“The class of political enemies in Igala land keeps increasing, further enabled by a few brethren who don’t seem to mind that we all have everything to lose and supposed leaders who enjoy the temporal tailwinds until they are beset with the short-end of the stick. This must stop if we must turn-the-bend on our hasty descent.”“I won’t be an adversary to any co-aspirant or a supporter of any of my opponent(s) because when all is done, we are still Igalas who must work for the progress (and in the interest) of our ethnic nationality.”


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