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Battle of the Wives: Why Foluke Daramola May Lose Her Matrimonial Home


Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola is caught in a love triangle at the moment.

Thus, she may lose out in the unfolding marital brouhaha between herself, her husband, Kayode Salako and his estranged wife, Bukola.

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The crust of the matter is that while Bukola is already blessed with three lovely children from her marriage with Kayode Salako, Foluke is yet to give him any child since their marriage was contracted over four years ago.

Now tongues are wagging that Foluke must move fast and give Kayode a child. In other to secure her place as his wife.

Happenings recalls that Foluke has two children from her previous marriage.

Moreover, rumour mongers say that Bukola Salako is planning to unleash her comeback agenda.

Also recall that Foluke Daramola allegedly stole Kayode Salako from Bukola, four years ago.

Consequently, the issue of who has children for Kayode will be addressed and the real matter of who ‘owns’ the husband will become clear.

Another ace up Bukola’s sleeve, is the fact she is threatening to wrest her school from her estranged husband’s control. A school he is enjoying financial benefits from.

This love triangle is giving Foluke cause to worry as it seems the pendulum will swing in Bukola’s favour.

Bukola may take the center stage in this battle of the wives.


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