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Prof. Okaba: Most Nigerian graduates can’t spell their names


A senior lecturer with the Federal University , Otuoke in Bayelsa State, Prof. Benjamin Okaba has opined that most graduates from Nigerian Universities, particularly from private institutions cannot spell their own names.

The Professor of Sociology said some students would recopy questions set for them during examination and submit back for marking.

Prof. Okaba said students who are mainly youths, lack “reading culture” in them.

He made the statement at the 2nd annual leadership lecture and graduation ceremony of the 2nd set of Centre for leadership School, Effurun-Warri Study Centre which held in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State.

He said rather than study hard to be knowledgeable, the students were only interested in “lnstagram” , watching of “African Magic” and “Social media”.

Prof. Okaba attributed the scenerio to failed leadership in the country which has led to “poor educational system in the country and poor allocation of funds to universities.”

The professor urged the youths present at the event to study hard and venture into entrepreneurship to make themselves useful in the future.

According to Prof. Okaba,” Entrepreneurship programmes is very important aside your degree in economics.”

He also insisted that leaders must create the enabling environment for the youths by patronizing and encouraging them to succeed.

He added that leaders must also make deliberate efforts to ensure that the youths are given adequate supports.


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