Home News Nigeria versus Niger: War may be inevitable, says Rowland Okorie

Nigeria versus Niger: War may be inevitable, says Rowland Okorie


Nigeria versus Niger: War may be inevitable, says Rowland Okorie

Rowland Okorie

Equity Concepts Entertainment boss, Rowland Okorie, has warned that war may be inevitable if the political crisis in Niger Republic is not well managed by Nigeria.

Okorie in a statement said Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) led by the Nigerian President, Bola Tinubu planning to invade Niger Republic will be turning their own region into a global crisis.

Tinubu, who is the Chairman of the ECOWAS on Sunday met with some fellow ECOWAS leaders to discuss appropriate ways to restore democracy in Niger after the military overthrew President Mohamed Bazoum.

Okorie lamented that ECOWAS members knew about the corruption allegations against Tinubu, yet they went ahead and made him the Chairman because they would benefit from his corruption.

The Equity Concepts Entertained boss, expressing his lack of confidence on the African leaders, said; “ECOWAS are not there any more for the purpose which the accord was signed but for their pockets.They knew what they were up to when they handed that leadership position to a man whose legitimacy is under investigation.

“The corrupt Hausa and Yoruba-led government since independence is leading Nigeria to the brink of war and I am in support of the war.”

Explaining his stance, Okorie said, “The reason is very simple, not just because of the amount of injustice I have witnessed with our African leaders but as a payback to what our military has done to civilians in our great country. The Nigeria military has failed to arrest Asari Dokubo, who in plain view brandishes guns and calls them criminals.

“Now they want to kill their next door neighbour, in my mind I wonder what they would do when they get into Niger Republic.”
Nigeria has never fought war before but against their own, the Igbos’. They killed millions of them. Now is time for the Nigerian military to show why we are called the giant of Africa. War in Niger is inevitable. I think it is time for us to review the strength of our military, let’s checkmate them and know how good they are. The only thing they are good at doing, killing innocent civilians.

“We must give them a chance so Nigerians will know how many of them will survive and see how Niger will surrender to them. They must be a victor and vanquish this time. The Tinubu-led corrupt government is asking for Senate endorsement to invade Niger because he is scared and understands that he will not get approval.

“He is not a legit president, he has disobeyed court orders on numerous occasions and destroyed democracy in the world as Nigeria is a key player in global polity. In my opinion let there be war.”

Nigeria versus Niger: War may be inevitable, says Rowland Okorie


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