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My lover is responsible for for my pregnancy Not You – Wife Tells Husband |Blissful Affairs online


An 8-year-old marriage between Moshood Mustapha and his wife, Jelilat, has crashed after the wife informed him that she was pregnant for her lover and not him.

Following the shocking revelation by the woman, who had three kids before she became pregnant for her lover, the husband has filed a suit before the Customary Court for the dissolution of the marriage.

At the Mapo Customary Court, Ibadan, Oyo State, the wife consented and the marriage was subsequently dissolved.
The Court had earlier listened to their submissions on the divorce suit where Jelilat told the Court that Mustapha was “a wicked, crude and stubborn husband who cannot be pleased”.
The mother of three said that her husband never bothered to pay her bride price insisting she regretted knowing Mustapha, let alone marrying him.

She said her husband once attempted

to set her belongings ablaze before some neighbours intervened.

Jelilat said she moved out of the matrimonial home when she realised that he was not ready to change his ways.

“I am no more interested in him. One of our children is with me while the other two are with him. I cannot cope with him again as wife. I want this Court to separate us so that I can enjoy my life” she told the Court.
Mustapha told the Court he still loved his wife but was also no longer interested in the marriage as she had been impregnated by another man.
He said, “We didn’t have any disagreement before I left home for work that very day. But to my surprise, she moved out of the home without my consent”.
“I had warned her against the type of friends she was keeping. Those friends taught her her present wayward life. There was a time she abandoned the home and I accepted her back a year later because I loved her. She finally left my house in 2016 and to my surprise she is now carrying another man’s baby. I am no more interested” he concluded.

The President of the Court, Chief Ademola Odunade, dissolved the marriage and granted custody of the last child of the family to the plaintiff, while he ordered the defendant to take care of the two other children.


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