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Linda Ikeji: Curses for Kemi Olunloyo who called Baby J fake


Controversial blogger, Kemi Olunloyo, has come under severe attack over her claim that Linda Ikeji, who announced the arrival of her baby, Baby J, on Monday, is barren and that the baby is a surrogate.

Olunloyo, who had on different occasions, denied that Ikeji was ever pregnant took to her twitter handle to launch a fresh attack on her on Tuesday.

Kemi said she put a call through to the hospital where the baby was given birth to and no record of patient with the name “Ikeji was found.”

She claimed that the picture by Linda was “photo-shopped.”

“Linda Ikeji’s Pregnancy was fake, she bought the baby for N1.8million, Linda can never have her own kids because she does not have a womb,” Olunloyo has asserted.

Kemi Olunloyo also claimed that Linda was lying about her age.

According to her, Linda is older than 37.

“Tomorrow is Linda Ikeji‘s birthday; 19th September carefully planned to coincide with Baby J’s delivery (not arrival). A great way to attract sympathy, love birthday and baby gifts back to back. She will be 42 and not 37. She was born in 1975.

“Many celebrities/public figures have what is called a ‘Wikipedia age.’ Buhari was same age as my dad 48 years ago when he took over Shagari’s democracy. He is 76 on Wikipedia while my dad is 83 years old now. Linda Ikeji is 36 years old on Wikipedia, but she will be 42 Wednesday.

“Linda Ikeji’s blood does not run in Baby J’s veins. Someone else carried that baby for her. Linda cannot produce eggs, sperm. Some other guy did. Rented surrogate also called adoption.”

Kemi Olunloyo ’s claims have, however, been greeted with condemnation.

Although some people still would want Ikeji to do more to prove that the baby is real, very many cursed Olunloyo.

@mr.finest_ : I thought a THUNDER fired this woman?

@thenaijan: I think it’s time that Linda sued this woman. This should be an easy lawsuit since it’s easy to prove a delivery. She should be made to pay a lot of money and publicly apologize. She should not be able to get away with making up ‘gist.’

@adlofesther: Bottom line: Linda is now a mother, doesn’t matter how. It’s her eggs therefore her genes. Next headline.

@uchennajovita: Well the bump started showing all of a sudden. She’s a picture freak person and I’ve been following her page. I was surprised when she showed up with belly bump and said she sucked her belly inside so people won’t know. I never see that happen before but we should be happy for her. It’s her life she’s almost 40 man, she needs to have a child smh.

@helenheights: This woman is sick Kai!

@celina_micheals: Someone told the whole world she’s suffering from a mental disorder and you guys are taking her serious. Mstcheww

A few who reasoned with Olunloyo said:

@timzytim5: But wait o, who else thinks she’s right because all through this pregnancy thing the boobs remained the same size. Who else noticed? Pls tell me it’s not just me.

@kpakpando_28: No weight addition, No swollen nose, no big boobs even Kim and Cardi B looked like whales at their ninth months but what do I know.

@stanisike: Surrogate or not, that is not my issue. Linda needs to show maturity and tell us who Baby J’s father is. How do you hide and f–k, hide pregnancy and still hide the father. Grow up and be proud of


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