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All you need to know about Linda Ikeji’s baby daddy, Sholaye Jeremi


News of the birth of Linda Ikeji’s son, Jacye Jeremi, has been dominating news sites and blogs for a while now since she announced her pregnancy.What almost everyone wanted to know was how the father was.The blogger has been quite vocal about her stand for celibacy and news of the pregnancy was a surprise albeit a pleasant one.She posted on her page that she will share her pregnancy journey but will not be posting pictures of her man.However we followed the hints she dropped.In May she said Baby J’s father was “tall, dark and handsome.”In September she mentioned he was from Itsekiri.When she gave birth to her son she posted that his name was Jayce Jeremi.So, here’s what we know of her Baby Daddy.His name is Sholaye Jeremi.He is said to be an oil magnate.He is a close associate with the Minister of Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu.He is a close friends of billionaire, Femi Otedola.He is over 40 years old in age with his birthday being July 8.He used to live in Lekki before recently moving to Ikoyi.He is unmarried but has a son who lives in the US.He is of the Itsekiri tribe of Delta State.We are yet to see Jeremi in pictures with the new mum and son and he’s yet to speak on it.


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