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He married a new wife who is much older than me


“My lord, though we have been married for nine years, I still go to my mum to collect food and money to feed my husband and children and run the home. Rather than show appreciation for the support I have been giving him, he took another wife, and this is a woman far older than I am.”

“She misbehaves any time she goes to her mum’s place. Her mum is always instigating her against me. My new wife is not old. I married her because she has a huge stature.”

These were part of the statements made by Fausat Inaoloja and her husband, Ahmed Inaoloja at the Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Fatima had approached the court, seeking that it brought to an end the relationship between her and her husband because, according to her, he had completely failed in his role as head of the home.

She further prayed the court to award her custody of their three children.

“My lord, I believe I’m better off not married than having to go to my mum on a regular basis to seek food to feed my family.

“My mother has been the one feeding me and my family since my husband and I got married and he’s not ashamed of this.

“He’s irresponsible and doesn’t feel concerned about my welfare and that of our children.

“He doesn’t have time for the family and is hardly at home. As a result of this, there’s little or no rapport between him and the children.

“My children and I have resorted to sleeping at my mum’s place because our house is not safe. It is an uncompleted building, walled round with iron sheets. We stopped sleeping there since he was also not around most of the time.

“My lord, to my surprise, he took a new wife. The strange thing about this is that the woman is much older than I am.

“I’m tired of our marriage and wish for a clean break from him. I also appeal to the court to grant me custody of our children and make him responsible for their general welfare, “she stated.

“My mother in-law has never been in support of our marriage, Ahmed told the court.

“Any time she pays her mum a visit she will change from the pleasant wife she used to be and starts misbehaving. She takes negative counsels from her mum.

“She once advised her to drag me to court but the case was eventually struck out.

“There were times I woke her up in the middle of the night to discuss this issue with her. She would appear to be sorry but would soon go back to her old ways.

“She told the court I’m irresponsible but failed to mention that I set her up in sachet water business. I also introduced her to generator part business.

“It’s true I took a new wife, but she’s not living with us in the house. My lord, she lied that she’s old I. I married her because of her huge stature, ”he said.

Ruling after listening to both parties, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade dissolved their union and granted the plaintiff custody of their two children.

The defendant was asked to give the plaintiff N10, 000 per month. This, according to him, is meant for their children’s feeding. He was also asked to take up the responsibility of their education, health and general welfare.


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