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Adeyinka Grandson: It is Igbos that killed Fasoranti’s Daughter Not Fulani Herders – Blissful Affairs online


A young Yoruba man, Adeyinka Grandson, who is the leader of The Young Yorubas for Freedom, has said that the killing of Mrs. Funke Olakunrin, daughter of nonagenarian Afenifere leader, Pa Fasoranti, was done by a gang of assassins not Fulani herders as erouneously believed.

Adeyinka’s group is in the forefront of agitation that the Yoruba are no longer interested in the restructuring of Nigeria but seccesion.

The Young Yorubas for Freedom is an affiliate of Movement for Oduduwa Republic as well as Yoruba Liberation Command.

In a Twitter post earlier Sunday morning, Adeyinka writes; “The daughter of the Liberal Wing of the Afenifere was killed by the Igbo and not by the Fulani. An Igbo criminal gang assassinated her and blame it on the Fulani as a way to distract the Yoruba nation from the need to either return Nigeria back to the regional government or break up the country. Fasoranti’s daughter was killed by an Igbo gang and not the Fulani herdsmen.
You can shout from now till tomorrow, but the solution to the incessant killings of the Yoruba citizens by the Igbo and the Fulani shall continue until we either take the Yoruba nation out of Nigeria and into the Oduduwa Republic or a return to the regional government.”
-Biodun Fariogun
Adeyinka Grandson


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