Home News Nigerians are angry  over  Buhari’s comments that ‘youths are lazy’ 

Nigerians are angry  over  Buhari’s comments that ‘youths are lazy’ 


President Muhammadu Buhari has come under attack over his comment about young people in Nigeria .

Buhari, speaking at the Commonwealth Business Forum in Westminster on Wednesday, said youths prefer to do nothing because they feel Nigeria is an oil-rich nation.

According to Buhari, a lot of Nigerian youths have not been to school, yet they want everything free.

This did not go down well with some Nigerians on social media as they are of the opinion the the president should not be re-elected in 2019.

Here are some comments gathered by media from Twitter:

@sirlilijosh, “President Buhari said Nigerian youth do not go to school but want free basic necessities of life. Commonwealth should choose a place and time, Nigerian youth will bring their school certificates and our president should bring his too.”

@Onblood_ “Buhari doesn’t have a university degree or even Waec certificate and education was almost free and top quality back then and he has the nerve to talk about Nigerians being lazy.”

@Chydee “Buhari is right. Nigerian youths are lazy. If you think he’s wrong, make sure he does not return in 2019.”

@crowtherajayi “We have gone through rigorous training both online and physical. They initially promised to fund our businesses but they now want to back out calling us lazy. We are not LAZY!

@pstgospelLinus “Don’t worry come 2019, the same youths that are lazy and not educated will vote you out.”

@Smartemuobor “Come to Lagos traffic and see youths Hawking in hot sun and rain just to live. What do your children do for living?

@Kendragon101, “I don’t agree. Nigerian youths are among the most hardworking in the world, it’s the government that has failed to provide an enabling environment. Na wa o, I have never seen a president who hates Nigerians so much.”


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