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Staywell World Brings Complete Healthcare & Wellbeing To Nigerians – Blissful Affairs online


Staywell World is a health media outfit that optimizes simple day to day elements to project the best health practices. With a special capacity in content development and management, one of the great attributes of the organization is bringing to life through creative innovation – complex substances in a very simplified manner irrespective of their magnitude.

According to the Chairman/CEO, America based Dominic Ajufo said the organization has an insatiable desire to continue to enrich the global community through her services to different sectors with outstanding business solution packages and the organization remains resolute to authentic creativity and quality results that have impressed and attracted local and international interests. Being also very committed to human dignity and a safe environment has endeared her to various collaborations that have also fast-tracked more content to support the global health and economy.

With a target to hit all major Nigerian television airwaves by the last quarter of 2019, StayWellWorld Drama/TV Series is expected to begin to air as from October.
StayWellWorld TV Series (Television) is a thirty-minute weekly health enabling television series that provides simplified empowerment through health literacy, advocacy, and prevention. An extended drama version of the programme is also in the pipeline.

StayWellWorld Radio Series is a replica of each Television Series recreated to suit radio broadcasting. This will also create a greater chance to reach wider demographic targets or specific groups.

StayWellWorld Club for schools is a customized health, safety and environment training project designed for schools; most especially high school students. This exposure is dynamic and it is subsequently culminated with First Aid, CPR and AED training.

S4O (StayWellWorld for Organisations): This is an amiable organisational support platform by which offers other types of premium services or collaborations through customized solutions. It is a veritable opportunity for government, agencies, corporate and not for profit organizations to subtly build brand equity among identified stakeholder groups. Our reviews are thorough, recommendations are proven and involvements are genuine.


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