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Nigerians attacked Fayose over statement on workers’ salaries on social media


Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has come under attack on social media over his statement that it is better to owe workers than to sack them.

Fayose made the statement on Wednesday on his Twitter page while calling on labour leaders to put the federal government on its toes, by asking questions on how funds are being spent.

This stirred up reactions online as Nigerians blasted Fayose for making such a statement while workers suffer in his state.

They described his statement as a shame owing to the fact that commissioners, special advisers to governors and the likes are not being owed salaries.

Here are some comments gathered by media from Twitter:

@ajibaye_dayo “God of heaven, who have we offended to deserve this evil of leadership. How can a Governor say this rubbish, God please help our dear nation. Mr governor, you should be ashamed of yourself for this statement.”

@Omosorso “Some Nigerians see this thug who call himself governor as their role model, you are happy owing those who has worked and are supposed to earn their wages, you seat & tweet about Buhari all day. Maybe Buhari told him not to pay them or his monthly allocations are witheld by Buhari.”

@Daniel494222 “He is saving workers salary so as to use it to run for presidency in 2019.What a shame and you call yourself man of the people. Now you want your Deputy to continue in office so that your evil deeds will not be exposed by another person.”

@Bayosings “Mr Governor, are you owing your commissioners, special advisers and govt house staff and even your humble self, are you sure you are not paying your own salary for those 7 months. Rubbish statement.”

@Lboogie_K “From your names we shall know you. I am not surprised at your statement as it is expected of you.”

@iam_OZVICTOR “None is better ok if they can’t lead let them stay in their houses.”

@BodeNathaniel “How on God’s Earth is it better to owe salaries? how do you expect people to eat and feed their families??

@anu4real “You are only realistic because he does not support the president, he is trying to pay what did he use the bail out money for ?

@Dryomz “You can’t pay salary, you still can’t write good sentence, what is your aim in life sef.”

@ojikutuekun “Thunder fire you ,My aunt works at the Ikere Local govt she has not been paid a year now ,Pensioners too are owed more than a year now.”

‏ @OmodasolaSmar “So it is better keeping workers you can’t pay making them and their family go hungry than laying them off so they can think of new ideas and look in another direction and probably begin to pay salaries sef being laid off depends on the individual stop making it bigger.”

@Donmax “It’s better you sack workers to look for other greener pastures than owing someone to work on an empty stomach with the hope of getting paid and end up in the grave. From services rendered who is getting paid. Workers are not born to work under their employers, live goes on.”


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