Bishop Joseph Edoro Ighalo is a man whose passion for God is seen via his several humanitarian gestures through his Christian ministries, touch of heaven’s foundation. In this piece with the editor-in-chief, Jane osamor of Fabulous International Magazine and the team of hibiscus female publishers in Nigeria throw a courtesy visit to a Lagos base clergy as they ask the clergy myriads of questions surrounding his call to ministry, Nigeria as a nation, among other sundry issues he was also endorsed as the 2024, hall of fame for the newly formed female publishers, excerpts.

Give us a short insight into your highs and lows in business and even in ministries ?
I if we look at how do I manage this different public we might not get it, what I do now has been part of me over along stretch of time and we are not leaving in any area. I have the grace of God upon me and so alot of things bothering on humanity work for me. You take of highs and low I do not know which one is high and which one is low what are some of the challenges that you have faced? Challenges come and very consistently at well. Challenges comes from the areas of finance and from natural human challenges but the goal that we do have in place is enough motivation for us to navigate past those challenges. Once you set goals for your self than you have also set challenges for yourself about the same time.

What is your take on the Nigerian police ?
It was just like I was telling somebody earlier this morning that I wish they were give more manpower as I do believe that they are really doing well but a lot of Nigerians do not understand the nitty gritty. Just imagine on a typical day that the Nigerian police and it’s men are off the road. I mean you go to the police stations and they are not their or people are aware that they will not be operating for a whole week in a particular period and you will see that a lot of people will be seriously …… up, as in under serious pressure. But it’s just that people do not seem to get it or understand as if they have manpower they will do much better, how ever as it is they are trying. Forget about some of the ugly side of the police it happens, it happens all over the world and if you look very well you will see that the police are looking around to fishing out bad eggs from their ranks by punishing them via dismissals among positive measures taken to whip serious discipline into the police force. My kind of Policing is more of community policing and in this you work with the grassroots. Police work is communities work, God’s work is humanity work and so everything is all about what will be to the Benefits of humanity. I work for humanity, I am human and this means humanity.

Did you come into this at once or gradually, at what point did you come into this or perhaps what led to it? Whatever makes you happy or whatever aggravates you to a particular direction is too sure your calling our calling at different points in time we will be able to detect the area of our calling until we all learn to know that little things that aggravate us then we will able to identify the area, for instance as I am here now and I see somebody going, for example this morning l saw a madman talking and I stopped him by myself and I asked him how far now and he replied me almost immediately, baba how far, however a lot of people are most likely to walk past a madman but ironically I stopped, but you know that there is something inside of me aggravated that and so I found out that I have this burden for them so that is an area of my calling and I even started to ask myself how do I reach out to the mad people now should I give them one of my house in Ikorodu who do I get to support me on this project, I have everything that I could possibly lay my hands on. I have a lot of power occasioned by the grace of God over madmen, I can assure you that there is no madman that I will call upon that will not hearken to my voice it will not happen. I go to the hospitals and I see a lot of people in needs and crying for help and I feel that deep compassion within me as I feel pity and I want to help out, that again is another area of my calling and I tick it. This is how I have being able to identify or track down all the areas of my humanitarian call to service for God and mankind and I began to work them out one after the order.
What is the future of Nigeria in the lights of the Japa syndrome?
Nigerians are not very good people but our God Is good Nigeria is going to be better and greater one day we will wake up suddenly to the problems but it will be in his own time. A lot of people have actually japa but
If you also have heard of what is happening to japa people at the moment you will be stunned, they want to “japada” I overheard somebody who said that he made probably his greatest mistake in life, embarking on japa. A lot of them want to come back home, for some it has become shameful, for some they will come on visit but for alot of us who have chosen to remain we have to entrust our future into the hands of God. Except if our God suddenly dies and he cannot die then, Nigeria as a people or a nation will eventually rise on it feet.

We will now present our souvenir incorporating you into our HALL FAME AMBASSADORS of 2024?
I feels loved, I feel honoured, nothing outside of God is good for me as every other things is secondary. Normally, when she comes am on a short rides as against today but all the same thanks you at the souvenir being presented to me as a mark of honour by been endorsed for the 2023 HALL OF FAME of the Hibiscus Publishers .


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