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It’s worthy to be honoured by the organisers of National Community Media Award- Eze (Dr.) Onyeka Ifekandu


National Media Community Award was held in Lagos State on December 3, 2023. The event was well attended by prominent personalities across all parts of human endearvours. Eze [Dr.]
Onyeka Ifekandu a.k.a Eze anaemenkili fielded questions from journalists.

Can you tell us about yourself sir?

I am Eze [Dr] Onyeka Ifekandu a.k.a Eze anaemenkili. This title means a King that lives by example. l don’t indulge in crime or contraband or any illegal business. I obey the laws of the State and the country. I have been in this particular business for over thirty years and God has been faithful with me. I import, sell tailoring accessories and tailors are our major customers.

What can you describe as your concern within the community?

My major concern like any Nigerian is security. It is true that this present government is trying to bridge the gap of insecurity in the country but they should do more because security is a real cankerworm in our society. However, it is making the people not to have a rest of mind. l am in a haste to go home because l hate driving in traffic. The miscreants use that opportunity to attack people and it gets worst when you don’t have anything to offer them, they can even shoot the person not knowing if he or she doesn’t have anything to offer them.

Sir, what is your message to Ndi Igbo community?

My message to Ndi Igbo community is that they should be law-abiding knowingfully that we are sojourners here in Lagos State while the main aborigines who are the Yorubas are very accommodating. l would say that among all the ethnic groups in Nigeria they (Yorubas) are the best because l have been to other tribes. My children are products of public schools when President Tinubu was the governor of Lagos State. l never paid any school fees and they all made their papers.

Sir, how do you feel today being one of the awardees?

Fantastic! To me, the award is a call for more hard work because l have received so many awards in the past. But, l hold this one ( award) in high esteem. l appreciate it so much because the media community recognized all my efforts to contribute to the progress and development of our community. I have also received other awards from NGOs, Universities etc. Candidly speaking, this award is special and l will be glad to partner with media award organizers in the nearer future.

It’s worthy to be honoured by the organisers of National Community Media Award.


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