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Ecobank Nigeria Celebrates Africa Day


Ecobank Nigeria Plc. Managing Director, Patrick Akinwuntan has stated that Africa is the strategy of Ecobank.

Akinwuntan who was speaking in commemoration of Africa Day 2019, he said;

“Ecobank’s approach to doing business in Africa is to create a united and integrated brand and platform that reflects the values of Africa as a whole whilst leveraging its diverse talents and resources to tackle its common challenges and realize its immense opportunities as one market”.

“With a larger African footprint than any other bank in the world operating in West, Central East and Southern Africa, we are the only bank that spans 36 African countries, but operates a truly integrated African network.”

“That is One unified integrated Ecobank Mobile Banking App, that works seamlessly across all 33 operating countries in Africa; One Ecobank Omni and Omnilite serving all Multinationals and SMEs in Africa; One Rapidtransfer app that breaks down country borders and allows the diaspora community send money directly to their loved ones, instantly and affordably across Africa; One Ecobank Online Banking platform that you can access easily whether you are in Abuja or Kinshasha.”

He reiterated that Ecobank is the Pan Africa bank, contributing to the development and advancement of the continent through financial integration with uniform world –class practices and proprietary technologies. According to him Ecobank is making profound impact across the continent by ensuring customers can own a bank account, transact and unlock opportunities with ease.

“We make Africa better. On this year’s Africa Day, we celebrate who we are, where we have come from and where we are going; but most of all, we are celebrating our commitment to make Africa greater”.


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