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DR. Chris Okafor saw this coming, postponement of general election and blood shed


The word of God will never go unfulfilled but for the wise one to listen to warning earlier given for things to tune for better, this was the situation of things few days ago when the Generational Prophet of God and the Senior pastor, Greater Liberation City Worldwide, Dr Chris okafor warned Nigerians to pray for the country as the nation prepared to go to the poll, the Oracle of God has he is fondly called by his faithful warned that he saw serious bloodshed before, during and after the election, but most Nigerians will not take their messiah serious, about 66 people were killed in Kaduna in less than 12 hours to the presidential elections, worst still the Apostle of Altars who speak in parable at the Sunday glorious service in his church on 10th February 2019, use an illustration that the cloud is not clear yet because the umpire for the election which is INEC cannot fully says they are ready because they must hear from the people that employed them before they can move ahead, which simply means, with what is on ground INEC has understands what will happen if the election is held and will not go down well with the government that put them in place, So they are not ready. Few hour ago they confirmed their not readiness with the announcement of election postponement, the presidential/national Assembly election is now postpone to February 23, while the Governorship/state house of assembly election will hole in March 9th 2019. A prophecy fulfillment by the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor

It will be recalled that the Generational Prophet of God D c Chris Okafor remains one of the accurate seer around the world with accurate prophesy, it is high time Nigerians listen to the voice of God through its servants to get everything’s right.


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