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Brands Journalists Association of Nigeria Honoured Abdul Imoyo (BJAN)Awards


Industrious Abdul Imoyo of upwardly mobile Access Bank, no doubt has been occupying an enviable seat at the zenith of command in the competitive communication industry, where skills are highly-required.

Despite his silent and res
Abdul Imoyo
Imoyo’s award plaque

erved personality, he remains one of the highly-respected senior managers in the corporate communications world. Although, not many can lay claim to having enough knowledge on the man who silently sits atop the shadows of his junior staff, he’s their enigma for many reasons and they always complement him. Imoyo, who has been upping Access Bank to greater heights in recent time, once again proved his cynics wrong last week by emerging Best Media Manager in the Banking Sector at the 2018 Edition of the Brands Journalists Association of Nigeria (BJAN) Awards.

Coming tops in his category was indeed a confirmation of Imoyo and his team at Access Bank in the areas of projecting the bank positively and customer-drawing through relentless and focus-driven strategies.

When an individual is good and transparently diligent in whatever he or she does, it doesn’t take time for industry watchers to begin raining encomium on him. Abdul Imoyo is sure one to be recommended for future sensitive offices in the communication world.

In the past few years, Imoyo has relentlessly been focus-driven, strategic, and has contributed to the growth of communication brand of the upscale Access Bank, and his profile speaks volumes; but this does not make him hang any airs around himself. He stealthily goes about pushing his job the way he deems fit, and leaves the rest for others to judge.

Imoyo, an experienced journalist with strong academic bias, graduated from LASU with a B.Sc in Public Admin, served as Assistant Finance Editor, Business Day Newspaper and has since bagged various other academic degrees, including a Masters from the University of Lagos.


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