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Sani:Why we won’t endorse Buhari for second term – ACF –


The Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, has explained why it won’t endorse President Muhammadu Buhari for second term in office.

ACF said only eligible voters could decide who governs them in 2019 and not any northern group.

Secretary-General of the forum, Dr. Anthony Sani, who spoke with the media also slammed the President for his continuous silence over the killings in the nation.

On why Buhari won’t get ACF’s nod for second term, Sani said, “Please note that ACF is an umbrella platform for most northerners who belong to other groups claiming to speak for the North.

“Those members who attended the summit exercised their constitutional right of association and opinion which cannot be denied them, and merely indicated their place in ACF. But that cannot vitiate the fact that they did not attend the summit in representative capacity for the ACF.

“I have told you that it is not the place of ACF to endorse candidates on behalf of political parties considering the fact that the platform is not partisan; it comprises members from different political parties.

“I hope you do not want ACF to play the roles of political parties whose briefs include presentation of candidates for elections. What is more, there is still one more year to go for a fair and realistic assessment of performance of the (incumbent) regime.

“ACF did not take part in the summit which you claim passed a vote of no confidence in President Buhari. Those who organised the summit exercised their democratic right to association and opinion.”

Asked if the ACF was comfortable with the leadership style of the APC government of Buhari, Sani said, “I am not sure if ACF is satisfied with all aspects of style of governance by this government. As a person, I do not share the culture of silence by the regime on matters of national importance particularly the killings going on in many parts of the country.

“This is because such reticence tends to give room for rumours to hold sway and speculations which are unhelpful. I also do not like the idea of government functionaries being at cross purposes and convey an impression of a divided Presidency which must stop.”


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