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Marafa: If Saraki is a devil today who installed him as Senate President……


The Chairman of the Senator Committee on Petroleum, Upstream, Senator Kabiru Marafa has described the pro-Buhari group at the National Assembly as hypocrites.

He said the group’s efforts had been counter-productive to the success of the President.

Speaking with the media, the lawmaker said if Senate President, Bukola Saraki were a devil today it was the same group that installed him in the position.

He said, “Let them come. We will confront them and tell them the truth to their faces. Let them call themselves anything but for God’s sake, they should not call themselves lovers or supporters of Muhammadu Buhari. They don’t support him; they don’t like him. That is the truth.

“The President never came out to say he needed anybody s support. If you are talking about the elections sequence, he did not say he wanted somebody to support him; he only said he did not support certain clauses in the Electoral Act 2010 Amendment Bill.

“If they are truly lovers of Mr. President, why did they queue behind the Senate President that time? Where was Ali Ndume?

“He was part of the Like Minds. They rebelled against the party and against the President.

“Why are they now creating another body to say that they are supporting the President? When the President asked them to do something, they refused to do it.

“If Bukola Saraki is a devil today, who installed the devil in the chamber? Are they not the people? Are they not hypocrites?

“They are. If Bukola Saraki is a devil, who crowned the devil as the Senate President? And from the time Bukola Saraki ascended the presidency of the Senate to this time, what has changed?”


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