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Embracing Victor Adoji and Embracing True Development in Kogi East –


As the Nigerian political space opens up for proper campaign and rally across the nation, us in the Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji campaign organization are not only ready to start engaging the electorates, but are heavily ready to start making the facts obvious to the electorates.
We are not going to bother our self with those aspirants who have been in power for six years and has nothing to show for it and instead of accepting the common fact that they have failed the people and honourably hand over the baton they have resulted into pushing blames on lingering court cases.
Where as we all knew that the lingering court cases did not stop the federal government from approving and releasing all the constituency allocation since inception.
Our focus therefore is on the other aspirants who are also aspiring for this seat, we have never considered them as a threat not only because we have a mandate whose vision is completely different, unique and exceptional.
Or because we have an aspirant who is so concerned about the development of the people and is only out to address the suffering of our people.
But because we have an aspirant who is true to the daily realities of the constituency and has a vivid knowledge of the daily yearnings of the people and his concern is how to revamp the situation and better the lives of our people.
At a time like this Kogi east can only embrace an aspirant whose major target is development, an aspirant whose focus is mainly on empowering the people through spreads of projects and development across the constituency.
A mandate who is active enough to always respond quick and strong to the lingering issues affecting the constituency, an aspirant who will be available and directly involved in the processes that will revamp the constituency.
Off course there is still no one with such capacity, political strength and will except Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji – with due respect, if there is any I stand to be corrected.
Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji is a movement championed towards the true emancipation of the constantly exploited people of Kogi east, he is a developmental revolution in processes.
This is not praise singing,but a sincere recognition of what’s true and what’s presently obvious in the political circle of Kogi east.
And with out bending words, embracing this young and vibrant democrat is same as embracing true constituency development,it is embracing a brand new form of representation that is totally concern with human and infrastructural development, a form of representation that is oriented by the daily sufferings and predicaments of the constituency.
We are talking about an open form of representation, where decisions will be made to favor the people of this constituency only, a form of legislature that will be solely out to better the life of the people and restore the lost glory of the people.
We are talking about an aspirant who will not dance to any outside tune except the ones played and accepted by the people of the constituency.
By embracing Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji, the people of Kogi east has embraced a vocal voice in the hallowed chamber, they have embraced a nation builder, a resourceful mandate, a youth investor, a Senate of the people, by the people and for the people.
Let us Embrace Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji and embrace true development in Kogi east.


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