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Grace Nation @19th : Joe Praise, other Annoited Gospel Act Thrill faithfuls as Creative Miracles and Testimonies Envelop Anniversary|Blissful Affairs Online


Grace Nation @19th : Joe Praise, other Annoited Gospel Act Thrill faithfuls as Creative Miracles and Testimonies Envelop Anniversary

  • God has been faithful to Grace Nation since inception, Its can only be God…Okafor

Grace Nation aka Liberation city which began in a classroom 19 years ago has now metamorphosed to an Holy Land in Nigeria where miracles of sort happen, where people around the world come to with their bondage and they received healings and deliverance, a Holy land where you visit with various affliction and go back relief with testimonies to show for it,

Yesterday the 7th of December 2022 marked the Beginning of the Holy Land (Grace Nation) celebration of its 19 years anniversary and Thanksging

According to the Set-Man of the commission, The Lead Pastor of Grace Nation international Dr Chris Okafor said, God has been so faithful to the church, despite all the various plans of the enemies to befall the church but otherwise the church is waxing stronger on a day to day basis, it can only be the God of Grace Nation that has kept the church so far Dr Chris Okafor remarked

Welcoming faithfuls to the 5 days of Higher Dimension with theme Last Minute Miracle, Dr Chris Okafor challenged faithful to make good use of the opportunity to be committed by praying fervently to experience the Last minute miracle, He said the 19th anniversary celebration of Grace Nation is a rear opportunity for who understand the important of Time and Season, He said anytime there is a revival God comes to town and anytime God comes to town, Power is Made available for signs and wonder and when power is available anything can happen for Good in his Presence

Speaking one the first day of the Conference with topic Last Minute Miracles, the Clergy remarked that the Most important christians activities is prayer, the man of God continue by saying the food of the spirit is Prayers, therefore to experience last minute miracle you must connect yourself to the almighty God through Prayers.

The best Network you can have that will quaranttee your Last minute miracle is the network of the Holy Ghost, but this cannot work for you if you are not a practitioner of Prayers Dr Okafor concluded

The Second day of the conference witness creative and diverse miracles as God uses his servant Dr Chris okafor to demystify misery of different kind, God visited homes villages and altars to set the lawful captive free.
The realms of the prophetic at Day two of the Conference go deeper to settles home, delivered the sick, bring People out of Poverty, breaks family patterns and destroyed inherited and blood line battles.

Famous Nigeria Gospel act joe praise did what he knows how to do best. Singing Praise and worship preparing faithful to receive from elohim, also in same vain Another famous gospel artiste Gabriel Peters also dazzle faithful at the conference with spirit filled praise songs

The 19th Anniversary conference tomorrow with Night of Prophecy and solution on friday, the man of God will have enough time to address everyone at the conference, while the grand finale which is the thanksgiving service will hold on sunday 11th December 2022 at the international Headquarters of the church at ojodu Berger lagos Nigeria

Grace Nation international aka Liberation city came into existence 19 years ago with the mandate to win 2 billion souls into the kingdom of God,…..


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