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Grace Nation : Keepers of God Words Qualifies for an Open Door – Dr Chris Okafor|Blissful Affairs Online


Grace Nation : Keepers of God Words Qualifies for an Open Door – Dr Chris Okafor

  • Am am Angels of the Lord in Humans form…..okafor
  • Dedication of Miracle Babies Galore at Grace Nation

When the words of God work in your favour, People will not know how things work in your life,the words is Light, therefore Creativity is key to God’s work

This and more were the point highlighted by the Lead Pastor of Grace Nation international aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor on Sunday 27 November 2022 at the Convenant Day of Open Door in Ojodu Berger lagos Nigeria, the international Headquarters of Grace Nation Worldwide

The Generational Prophet of God speaking on the Topic “Open Doors” explained that when captivity lingers, this means you have not gotten the words, he said with the word, the doors of liberty open ans every blessing that go with liberty in life become available to you

When you get the right words the chain of Limitations, BARRENNESS, poverty, Sickness breaks, the Oracle of God also remarked that when you get the words revelations becomes manifestation and people who had forgotten you for a long time will look for you to bless you.

Explaining how God words open doors, the Lagos popular prophet said the words of God represent spirituality and the words of God is the same as the God of word, meaning God is the words itself sent into once life.

The Generational prophet of God stated further that everything you need in this life is in the hand of God, therefore to access the open door you must abide with his words, keep the words in your life at all time, The power of the devil rest on your ignorance the Generational Prophet of God remarked.

While praying for the Nation as we prepared to transit from one government to the other the popular televangelist remarked that, what the country needs at this crucial time is Prayers, we must intercede on behalf of the nation, in Grace Nation we pray and prayers is the weapon we deploy for peace to reign in the country, Am an angel of God in human form sent to help people out of there problem, therefore Grace Nation is where to be for a turn around in your life

The realms of the prophetic took another dimension at the open door service, as altars assign to keep destinies of people were destroyed, trans-generational diseases receives instant deliverance while miracles babies were released by God to expectant Mother, Meanwhile it was an harvest of babies dedication Galore at the service, more than 20 babies were dedication to the lord with Promise from God through his servant Dr Chris Okafor that by this time next year more then 200 babies will be dedicated

The 19th Annual dedication, celebration and thanksgiving of Grace Nation come up from Dec 7-9 2022 at the international headquarters of the church in Ojodu Berger lagos Nigeria, Come and celebrates with God servant, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor an your life will never remain the same


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