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Grace Nation ; God is not a Sentimental God, he Operate by Principles – Dr Chris Okafor|Blissful Affairs Online


Grace Nation ; God is not a Sentimental God, he Operate by Principles – Dr Chris Okafor

  • with my constant Prayers , my spiritual bank is loaded- okafor

Anyone that does not understand the place and principle of prayers cannot go far in Life, the only way to enjoy the kingdom of life is by prayer, because prayer is the channel to be used to reach God

This and more were the words of the Lead pastor of Grace Nation international aka Liberation city Dr Chris okafor at the midweek Prophecy, healing, Deliverance and Solution service on the 20th october 2022 in lagos Nigeria

In his sermon with Topic” For this Reasons I Pray” the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor who back his teaching with the book of Ephesian 3:14 explain that it is the demand of Elohim that we must pray, to make a demand for answer to come, the Lagos Popular Man of God said, God is everywhere but does not manifest everywhere not until he is invited, it is illegal for him to show, when you make request in the place of prayer for him to visit you case file , Elohim show up.

Therefore anyone that pray without the direction of God, is praying for the demon, because jesus Christ is the way the truth and Life, Anyone who play with prayers is already dead, but alive for nothing sake.

The lagos popular Accurate seer also remarked that God is not a sentimental God, he work by principle, meaning you must understand his way, and how he operates, without a praying culture, there are things you will never get in Life, With my level of prayer on a day to day principle I understand the important why I must not stop to prayers am sure my Spiritual Bank is loaded the Clergy concluded

Family deliverance , cancellation of untimely death climax the realms of the Prophetic at the PHD service

God came down Mightily to deliver and set people free, Generational curse were reverted, while over 300 mothers carry there miracle babies, oil of settlement were also release upon the Men for them to function and perform there responsibilities as the head of the family, while the Liberation Voice choir treat faithful to another realms with Praise and worship song…


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