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Grace Nation :You Can be Invincible In the Midst of Danger as Long as Prayers is Going On – Dr Chris Okafor|Blissful Affairs Online


Grace Nation :You Can be Invincible In the Midst of Danger as Long as Prayers is Going On – Dr Chris Okafor

  • Am sent by God to help People and to destroy the work of Darkness- Okafor

Prayer has the spiritual Powers and the Abilities to change situations for better, in as much as you can pray without ceasing.
If you can pray, God convenant can go ahead of anything Projected to attack you or to block the gate ahead so your breakthrough will be delayed

Speaking at the midweek Prophetic, Healings and Deliverance PHD service of Grace Nation International aka Liberation City, at the international Headquarters of the church in Ojodu Berger lagos Nigeria, The Lead Pastor of the Church better known as the Generational Prophet Of God, Dr Chris Okafor teach on the theme ” For This Reason I Pray” emphasised that one of the major channel to connect to elohim is by Prayer, the Man of God said Prayers has the ability to push message directly to God and without wasting time,result come forth from elohim immediately.

The Popular Lagos prophet ridicule the devil by saying, the altar of your fathers house is not powerful if you understand the principle of Prayers and how it works

The Generational Prophet of God said even in the midst of Danger you can be invincible, the devil will not see, not to talk of hammering you in as much as prayers is always said, he reiterated that if there is a man to pray there Is God in heaven that answers prayers

Satan is powerless and without structure, it is the people that make him look powerful, that is why am sent by God to this generation to help people and destroy the work of the Darkness

The realms of the prophetic took New dimension at the program, witchcraft spirit cried out as altars bowed down to elohim instruction, About 230 miracle babies were release by God through his servant Dr Chris Okafor

The 100 days fasting and prayer continues, you can join Dr Chris Okafor to pray online by 9-10pm daily as the 100 days fasting and Prayer laster, Many testimonies has been recorded since the program commence, your is next as you pray with The Generational prophet.


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