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Fake Methodist Very Reverend David Kolawole Olufemi Allegedly Threatened Gospel Artiste Henry To Strip Himself Naked, Ritual attempt|Blissful Affairs Online


Fake Methodist Very Reverend David Kolawole Olufemi Allegedly Threatened Gospel Artiste Henry To Strip Himself Naked, Ritual attempt

*He vowed if am not naked,I will not be alive to see next day – victim

*He want to use our brother for Ritual,,But God disappoint him – victim Family

This world is gradually turning to another things with different News of atrocities and engagements coming up on a daily basis, people no longer have the fear of God in there mind, even the some so call Men of God are running after money chasing wealth, want to be seen as a successful Man of God, whereas God did not called them, they called themselves,those set of Pastor are known as Man must Wack Pastors or Prophet


Mind you we still have so many good man of God in the wineyard who are called and are determined to do what God sent them to do on Earth, those one receives power and Anointing directly from God to functions because if God really call you he will gives you all the resources to function and be successful in Life

To this Background reverse is the case of this Man of God in view with Name Mr David Kolawole Olufemi who is the Prysbyter/Minister in Charge Methodist Church Magodo,Lagos Nigeria, with his recent atrocities one will have no doubt that this Man is not of God, he secretly engaged himself the devil, therefore he is a fake Man of God

Just Few days ago, he wanted to use a full grown up Gospel artist for Rituals

According to information from the Source, the Said Gospel Artist, Mr Henry, he met Mr David Kolawole Olufemi while selling his latest CD around Alaba International Market in Lagos, He laments that Mr Olufemi approached him, bought CD from him and ask why will a Gospel artist with good song be Hawking CD, he said he told Mr Olufemi,that he wanted to raise money to shoot his tracks Video.

Without mincing words, Mr Olufemi ask him how much is he looking at and Henry told him with 300,000, he will meet his target

Mr olufemi however promised to help him with half of the money, which is 150.000, not immediate, But on a later day to full-fill the promise, they both departed

Four months later Pastor David Kolawole Olufemi contacted Me Henry to see him in his Office to collect the cash he promised four month ago

Not knowing this fake Pastor has his own plan. He directed Mr Henry to the location of Methodist Church Magodo,

Mr Henry Located the church and Pastor Olufemi welcome him to his dark not too convinient office with two heavty Bouncer look alike Men lying down on a mat close to his office,

Henry said at that stage little fear cross his mind but because he know where he belongs, he followed the Fake pastor into his office

Hear him, immediately I enter his office Pastor Olufemi lock his door and drop the key on his chair, while trying to reintroduce himself, pastor Olufemi told him to shot up and listen, he command me if I want money for my CD, I should remove my cloth, at that statement, I reacted saying Oga I no be baby oooo before you know it, pastor Olufemi deep his hand inside his table drawal,as if he wanted to bring out weapon with his eye red, command again I say remove your Trouser, at this point I know if am not careful I might loss my Life, so I obey him, he shout again remove your pants, I obey leaving me total naked, he ask me to bring a cane close to me and directed me to lie down, and started to flogg me like a baby, while flogging me my eyes went straight to the window I saw those two heavty guy peeping looking at me as if it was a plan job, after flogging me he stop and said am sorry I don’t mean to arm you, it occur to me like my God show up and stop him from further beating me, at this point he ask me to wear my cloth and leave his office, the money he promise he did not give me, even Transport he did not give me knowing fully well am coming all the way from Alaba International ojo Lagos, Henry Lament

Few Hours later according to Henry sister, immediately he came back from the pastor that promise to help him, he start to behave strange, he was restless, complaining of Serious pain, even his breathing was not stable at all, we decided to take him to our church to see our Prophet for prayer, it was after that prayer that he got himself, am telling you with the tone of the prayer rendered by My Prophet, God safe my Brother death, Pastor olufemi want to use my brother for ritual, that stick that he use to beat my brother is a spiritual
Material to kill and bring people into there kingdom, the kingdom of Ogboni has failed, My brother will not die, Please Nigerians help us my brother must not die, Pastor Olufemi has used juju on my brother, Henry Sister Laments

In our own professional investigating channel, we directed Henry to put a phone call across to Pastor Olufemi, the Acclaimed Man of God apologize to Henry that he will never do such again to him, Pleading that he will compensate him if only he can keep his experience secret

We therefore called on all Magodo residence to be very careful with this Randy pastor, who have sign agreement with the devil, claiming he is a man of God whereas he serve the devil,
Also we called on the security agents in a matter of urgency arrest this pastor to curtail more of his evil plans towards the innocent Nigerian living in Magodo and Lagos at large.

More deadly Atrocities of this Randy Man of God coming soon on the Part 2 of the follow up on this Fake Acclaimed Very Reverend Story….


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