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Drake , Music And Real Estate : Converting Talent To Assets|Blissful Affairs online


From Big Daddy to PuffDaddy, most celebrities are known to own lavish penthouses, mansions, and vacation homes that feature amenities that are beyond luxurious.

The incredible places they live in are known to be designed by famous Interior designers who represent the lives of rich and famous. The Davido of Africa, Canadian rapper Aubrey Drake Graham popularly known as ‘Drake’ is in the news not only fo

r his new hit single,

Toosie Slide, but also his ostentatious heaven on earth mansion worth $100 million US Dollars.

Beyond diplomacy, no other celebrity, musician or clique with the click can boast of a private house as luxurious as the ‘Embassy’.

Even JayZ & Beyonce’s 30,000-square-foot mansion in Los Angeles’ Bel-Air neighbourhood worth $88 million is nothing close to Drake’s ‘Embassy’.

Though in numerics, 33 represents eternity, this is different as the 33-year-old rapper dropped the visuals for “Toosie Slide” while sliding through the scenes of what we call, heaven on earth.

He made effective & practical use of his rare merch ‘October’s Very Own’ which ranks high in the Top 10 Rap & Hip Hop Merchandises known globally.

His insanely gorgeous architectural masterpiece is the eye candy for everyone from the chics to the Sheiks; to the slickest in the industry.

Drake built his forte with a fort and spared no expense on his Toronto residence, so it makes sense why he’d show it off in a music video.

There’s more to love about Drake asides his music; any lady can & will fall for the insanely & meticulously built mansion.

A Beyonce or a Keys would fall ten times over for this paragon, and the settlements will be amicable.Drake’s mega-mansion was designed by Ontario-based Luxury home Doctor: an architectural surgeon, Ferris Raffauli. Measuring 50,000 square feet, with amenities such as an NBA-sized indoor basketball court crowned by a 21-square-foot pyramidal skylight.

This astonishing mansion certainly qualifies as extravagant & far beyond words.

The property is so ostentatious that it is the envy of any musical aficionado, with no exception of the record producer, DJ Khaled, who got green with envy.

With a bespoke Bösendorfer concert grand piano designed by Takashi Murakami, a suspended cantilevered block marble stair adorned with chandeliers, Custom chandeliers by Venicem hanging in the master walk-in closet, a master bedroom incorporated with a hummingbird tapes try by Alexander McQueen, this goes to saythat this is a highly monumental masterpiece, there’s nothing quite like it on EARTH


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