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Why We Are Different From Other C&S Churches- Apostle Segun Oseni|Blissful Affairs online


Apostle Segun Oni who is the founder and senior minister of C& S Leadership in Christ Ministry is of opinion that the many churches these days are not following the true path of Jesus Christ whom they all preached they followed. Apostle Oseni a well known name In the ministry of God in a brief chat he stated further that his own church which round off five years celebration this weekend after a 6 days programme is a stand out among the numerous Cherubim and Seraphim Churches

“ We are different from other churches, the church purpose is righteousness, capacity building, empowerment and song ministration, so the church purpose is clear we don’t want to deviate from it and now that is five years it is important that we laid a foundation and the foundation is properly written so other that are coming in the nearest future we know what we stand for, there are many stories that are attached to cherubim and seraphim this days we don’t know who is who, who is the leader and so on, so we are setting a pace we are setting a standard that is why righteousness and holiness are our watchword, we don’t do all such spiritual sacrifice in this church, the church is build on the trust of God, the only thing we used is water, prayer and anointing oil In this end time, it is important to note that many blood are been used for sacrifice everyday looking at the increase in the rate of kidnapping and killing everywhere. The desire for worldly things, fame and success has driven many to the part of desperation, the society have collapse, because we don’t place value on morals anymore, we only celebrant success, Religion have also make it worst because every suppose men of God want to be rich with classic things of the world to display their anointing.

The church is founded some few years ago, is celebrating her 5years anniversary with the theme “Abundant Favour” is a sign of showing to the world at large that God have been so good to the church and its member.

Apostle Segun Oseni who will also be launching is first book titled Righteousness and Holiness My Brand; said this book is an eye opener to many Christian to know more about God and our responsibilities towards God


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