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Satguru Maharaj ji : I’m the last Maharaji Alive|Blissful Affairs online


One of the most controversial spiritual leader in Nigeria, Satguru Maharaj Ji, Who leads a communitarian group with various names, such as One Love Family; the One Love Mission;One Love, One Family; and the Divine Love Family has made some shocking statements during an interview session on Fresh Fm, monitored by Trixx NG, that he is the owner of heaven and earth and everyone is his children. He stated that he is the only Maharaji alive at the moment.

This statement shocked a lot of viewers especially for the fact that he is well known for calling himself the Black Jesus, his belief that he is god and his declaration that he is a living perfect master.

During the interview, he also made it known that he doesn’t have any child, has no wife because he isn’t woman but totally spirit and the only children he has are everyone on earth.

While speaking on the reason behind the choice of his ministry colour which is red and sometimes, yellow, he posits that the moon has colours like yellow, orange and that is where he got the choice from. He stated that red stands for love, and also protects from evil things. He advised people to always go for red because it averts evil.

On why his members are vegetarians, he revealed that they are not allowed to eat anything that has life in it.


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